Detailed List

Here is an expanded and detailed list of Remote Sensing softwares:


Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory


CNET Download

CNET Shareware


ZD Net




Computer Vision Source Code

OSRS Download Area

DEOS Software Page

ESRI download

Visualisation Software


RS Software Gallery

Reads Earthnet SPOT and TM CDs – Paul M. Mather

National Space Science Data Center’s Common Data Format (CDF)

USGS Spatial Data Transfer Standards (SDTS)

ESA – Software to read ERS SAR and Landsat TM CDs and Exabytes

Hierarchical Data Format (HDF)

Visualization Toolkit

Image Viewer – 3D Mapper Software House

StereoMpper – 3D Mapper Software House

StereoMaker – 3D Mapper Software House

OrthoMaker – 3D Mapper Software House

Software for Viewing USGS Data

ESRI Arcexplorer download 

Image processing

 Erdas IMAGINE Inc.

Imaging Software – Meyer Instruments Inc.

ArcView Image Analysis Extension – ESRI

ER Mapper – Earth Resource Mapping Inc.

AGI – Analytical Graphics Inc.

ENVI – Research System

Remote Sensing & GIS software – I.S. Ltd

MapInfo Inc.

Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc.

PCI – PCI Geomatics Products & Industry Solutions

EASI/PACE – PCI Geomatics Products & Industry Solution

Surfer – Golden Software

HIPS image processing software – SharpImage Software

HIPS: image processing software for the UNIX/C environment

ImagePro Plus software for PCs

LAS (Land Analysis System) developed by NASA – user docs from Penn State

Magic Software: algorithms for computer graphics and image processing, numerical methods, etc.

MERLIN software (UNIX): display system for environmental data, especially NOAA/NASA Pathfinder

Spectral unmixing: teaching software from Mike Barnsley

MicroImages Inc.

Spectra Precision Software

Copenhagen Image Processing System

Bester Tracking Systems Inc.

Applied Analysis Inc.

Hyperspectral Exploitation Toolkit

Clark Labs’ Idrisi and CartaLinx GIS and Image Processing software


Intergraph Software Central Home Page


SIR-C software – NASA

SAR processing software – Alaska SAR Facility – some restricted to USA

Atlantic Scientific Inc – Earthview radar image processing software

Gamma Software SAR and interferometry – GAMMA

CAESAR – downloads

EarthView InSAR


PC Software from the NGS

Easy-to-use application that provides management and manipulation of GPS information ($40)

Interactive GPS Satellite Prediction

Fieldworker Products


 Deal with terrain software list

Digital Elevation Models

Mapsheets Express: mapping software with links to ERDAS Mapsheets

Manifold Systems – GIS for Windows

ESRI – The GIS Software Leader

Floating Point Systems – Landform 3D Modeller software

AgriMensor – Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Software for Geophysics & Landscape Archaeology

Intergraph Software Central Home Page

PCI Releases Radarsat Digital Elevation Model Creation Software

Terrain Visualization Software

WILBUR – terrain visualisation – free


TruFlite’s 3D World


PIT – a free image processing system from NASA – includes neural networks

The Bonn Archaeological Software Package – BASP

Image Processing Tools

Purdue/LARS MultiSpec

USGS Spectroscopy Lab: software for image processing, visualisation, atmospheric correction …

IPW – Image Processing Workbench (Unix)

Pixel Profile Lab Report

Image Enhancement

Rotate Pixels Lab Report

HistoStretchGrays Lab Report

Rotate Scanline Lab Report

Magnifying Glass Lab Report

CryptImage Lab Report

Image Processing Free Utility


Mirrors in ACC Cyfronet AGH

Creating a Delphi Image Management Utility

Single Bit Bitmaps

Manipulating Pixels With Delphi’s ScanLine Property

Flip Reverse Rotate Lab Report

Non official ER-MAPPER 5.5

Copenhagen Image Processing System

IDL library and other bits & pieces from Johns Hopkins

ER Viewer – (ERMapper)

Generic Mapping Tools (GMT)

LINKWINDS – Visual data exploration system (JPL)

SINMAP – Slope stability analysis of DEM using ArcView

SF-Graph – Viewer and encoder for large images (IBM)

Terrain Tools

Open GIS software – University of Lisbon


Free Satellite Image Processing Software

OrthoMaker Demo & Fully Functional Free Evaluation Version 


Raster format and compression

The Graphics File Format

TIFF Software

Handmade Software Inc.

Library for image format conversions

Hierarchical Data Format (HDF)

Get latest version of CDF Software Distribution (V2.7)

ImageMagic: tools for reading, writing, and manipulating images in popular image formats

Projection and conversion 

Map Projection Software List

Software and Tools list

Great Circle Calculator

PC Software from the NGS



Image compression

Image sw developper’s kit designed for image compression

 Mac Os

Process Software

DIMPLE remote sensing package for Windows and Mac

Download MutliSpec for Mac

NIH Image software for Mac from National Institute of Mental Health

Avenza Systems Inc.

Surface III software – Kansas Geological Survey


Landsat Scene Finder

Convert utility – Josh Madison

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